There are several thought Categories in my main TheBrain database which will not activate when clicking on it from the category window, and will cause TheBrain 9 to crash (shut down with no warning) when I search on the terms, or try to run a report containing that category. 

I of course copied my main Database to a new folder and changed the GUID and name before opening with TheBrain 9 Preview. [smile]

Let me know if you want any logs sent, or if you would like me to make the database available.

I've also noticed that quite a few thought icons didn't make it over during the conversion.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 10.0.54
Thanks. We still have some tweaks left on the import process. FYI it's not necessary to change GUIDs nor back up prior to import because TB9 does not overwrite your existing brain data, instead creating a copy as part of the import process. This issue has been logged.

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