Using PBv6.0.5.0Pro on WinXP with J-1.6.0_21

Here is an annoying thing when you bring mouse cursor over a thought icon:

1)  icon expands in front of you

2)  after right clicking you get the Mouse Feature Menu (like "Select Related Thoughts", etc.)

3) as long as your mouse cursor is inside the field of the Mouse Feature Menu - you can see it. But when you move the mouse cursor outside that field it disappears!  [you'll see the cursor only on Windows "Task Bar" and "Navigation Bar" again]

Has anyone experienced the same problem with cursor?
This behavior is because the cursor disappears whenever you have a thought icon enlarged by mousing over. Because it requires a mouse-over to enlarge the icon the cursor is hidden so you can view the icon better (it's assumed you want to see it because you moused over it.
I agree it might be nice to have the cursor visible again while the contextual menu is open, but I can't say it's bothered me before.

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Yey, eventually decided to move over the PB! As a dev I have some pretty strange things happening in the background and when my cursor disappears it just freaks me out! If at some point there's an option to disable hiding of the cursor I would definitely appreciate it. Maybe a config settings somewhere?

Thanks for the suggestion.  If you are interested in making this a feature request, check out our Uservoice page (http://thebrain.uservoice.com)  The site is visited frequently by our developers and lets them categorize users' feature requests by popularity. If your feature request receives enough votes, it may become a candidate for implementation in a future release of PersonalBrain.



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