I did a search for this, but couldn't find anything (well, I found lots of other interesting things...)

What I'd like to be able to do is add Thought Types & Tags from the Thought Creation dialogue.  I'd find it far quicker to just use the keyboard rather than resorting to mouse.

I'm not tied to any syntax, but something like the following that defines Type and Tag prefix:

{Thought Title} +{Thought Type} @{Tag} @{Tag}

So entering: "My new thought +Idea @Work" Would add a new Thought titled "My new thought" and add the "Idea" Thought Type plus tag the new Thought with the "Work" tag.

"@Work My new thought +Idea" would do the same thing.

I guess I'm like many other people and use @ to prefix some of my tags.  This obviously creates a bit of an issue with the syntax for the Create Thought string, but maybe:
  • Use different character to define tags
  • Use two @'s when required (eg @@Work)
  • Use lazy @'s, so @Work would match both @Work and Work tags
Spaces in titles is another issue, which maybe could be solved by:
  • Use deliminators:@"Issue - Major" or @{Issue - Major}
  • Use lazy underscores: @Issue_-_Major
I'm not really too concerned about the syntax required (as long as it's not too convoluted), but am keen to be able use just the keyboard.
Found a similar suggestion here;

Whilst playing with this idea in TB, I also wondered about parsing levels from the input would be helpful too...

So, for example I'm adding child thoughts to my "Parent Thought" and in the process I realise that the thought I'm about to add is a sibling to the Parent (Aunt / Uncle)... wouldn't it be easer to use "../Uncle thought" rather than clicking into the Grandparent and adding a child??

Or is there an easier way that I'm not aware of??

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