The thought name in the Properties & Attachment Window right aligns.
This means that for very long thought names you see the end of the name, rather then the beginning.

Click image for larger version - Name: leftaling.jpg, Views: 85, Size: 24.70 KB
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
When this happens to me I just drag out the side of the Properties tab to increase its width till it matches the size. Since I can see a bit of Plex on the right side of your Properties panel, you appear to have docked yours to the left of the Plex. I dock mine to the right. The alternative would be to (temporarily) dock Properties at the bottom of the Plex, giving you full screen width. But I'm sure you have considered all these options already.

What would be helpful is an alignment option for Properties (and maybe for Thoughts in the Plex too) that gave the user a choice of whether the name should be left or right-"justified" and/or "truncated", a bit like saying to a pickpocket caught stealing "we're going to cut off one of your hands as punishment, but you can choose which one."
PB on Windows XP, J-1.6.0_17
Thanks Zen. I have noted this issue for the engineers.

Best regards,


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