when we rollover a thought anywhere in the plex, the notes section comes up - unbelievably cool feature!

1) however, to edit those notes, we must click on the thought and recenter our plex - We can go back through the history at the bottom, but this is annoying.  It would be great if there were either
   a) a right click feature on any thought to "edit notes" that would "freeze" the notes panel on that thought until you did any other action (except mouse movement off the thought), and/or
   b) had a keyboard shortcut that "froze" the notes and moved the cursor into the note field and allowed you to edit the notes.

2) when I mouse over a thought, I often want to know what its child and parent thoughts are (think distant/expanded mode and pins). 
   a) If there were a tab/panel in the bottom right (by the properties/reports tabs) that showed a two part list - with a text list of the parent on top, a seperator, and the children on the bottom, that would allow us to scan our brain with much greater ease.
   b) we could set preferences (or click radio buttons) as to whether we want parent and children or just children to show up in these panels on rollover...


Mark Michael Lewis | The Profitability Coach |

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