I use thought types and super types to progress thoughts through a lifecycle:  eg. I have thought super type of 'Action' with sub types of 'today', 'tommorrow', 'this week', 'next week', 'sometime'.  I also do a similar thing with project status's, priorities etc etc.  This is all fine but can get a little unweildy to use if there is a long type list.

One thing that would be really usefull is some means of quickly cycling through all the types for a super type when accessing a thought.  e.g. in the Action scenario above a thought is accessed and a 'modified' click on its thought icon moves it from say 'sometime' to 'next week' click to 'this week' etc etc.  When at the end of the group of types the next click would send back to original type (i.e. 'sometime').. and round again.

If this function could be made to work within any type super-group then it would be really flexible and have many applications where any form of thought lifecycle exists. 
Rgds Grick.

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