I would like the thought type icon and a thoughts specific icon to be visible side by side rather than the thought specific icon overwriting the type icon. I create type icons that are simple and very visually recognisable so I immediately know what the thought is (I use colours as well but the immediate recognition of what a colour stands for isn't as intuitive as an icon). For example I have a thought type for people with a little stick figure image that is easily recognisable but I also like to capture an image of the person and use that as the icon (using it in the notes section isn't particularly desirable especially with the limited screen space & adding it as an attachment takes time to open). These images as icons however, are never recognisable until they are moused over (which is a feature I love & why I want these images as a thought icon) but it means the immediate recognition is lost. As well as that, when the thought type icon is overwritten by the specific thought's icon it draws a distinction between thoughts with the same type which isn't always desirable.

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