TheBrain 7 Beta version
OS: Fedora 14

Execution steps
  1. Create a thought type
  2. Add a nice icon to this type
  3. Give some thoughts this thought type
  4. Add an attachment to the thought type, a small arrow will overlay the icon at the left bottom corner and points to the middle of the icon.
  5. This arrow will also be visible on all the thoughts of this thought type even though they don't have an attachment.
This is a bit confusing.

Thank you for posting and bringing this to our attention.  It sounds like the shortcut arrow is showing up in places where it shouldn't.  We'll take a closer look at this issue with our engineers.  Would it be possible for you to take a quick screenshot of one of these occurrences?  

Thank you,

Attached two images in which I created the issue. I noticed that the problem does not occur when the thought type has an internal attachment.

Created with TheBrain version under Windows 7 64 Bit

Click image for larger version - Name: brainbugexample-1.png, Views: 36, Size: 87.12 KB Click image for larger version - Name: brainbugexample-2.png, Views: 36, Size: 77.69 KB

We have tested in Windows 7 and in OS 10.7.2 and are still unable to replicate the issue.  Would it be possible for you to share a copy of your brain?  If so, please email so we can provide you with an upload link.


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