Yo guys and gals,

Unsure if this is a bug or intended behaviour, but when you click on a thought with a set type, it's not displaying the children like it does with a 'normal' thought.

Type Children.png 

Expected behaviour? Converting 'Village Map' from type to normal.

Type Children 2.png 

Look forward to hearing your thoughts!
Interesting observation, RK.

I personally prefer having all the thought type siblings hidden since this reduces congestion in the plex considerably, especially when thought types are used heavily (as they are in my brains).

In light of this, if an option to "show thought type siblings in plex" is submitted as a feature request, I'd like to see it added as an optional (non-default) preference.

This is the intended behavior because a Type is not a normal parent Thought. You would see all Thoughts that were assigned to that Type if it was the active Thought.

Since Types are not meant to be normal Thoughts they intentionally don't behave the same way when displayed as a parent Thought.

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