In 8.0 (and previous) there is no way to use the brain URL to open the link. The only way to do that is to paste it in to a thought and click on that thought which defeats the purpose of URL's.

Please create a menu item, or a key combination or something so that you can paste a Brain URL (Internal) and it would open a thought. I know it works on Windows.

BTW: I requested the same thing about a year ago, it is not that hard to implement.
1. Menu items or keystroke opens entry box
2. Paste things to entry box, and hit open
3. parse the URL
4. Open the associated Brain link.

Without this using Personal Brain on mac with other programs is totally useless.
Thank you for posting.  It is a bit more difficult to make a quick desktop shortcut on a Mac.  People typically use the "Make Alias" feature. But even here, you are linking to a file that already exists.  We'll continue to look for an easy solution for this in future builds.  

Please note, that if you are syncing to TheBrain Cloud, you can easily acquire links to thoughts on the Cloud, by clicking on Online > Copy Web Thought URL.

Thank you,
Matt Caton
Matt I am not talking about desktop.

I am talking about a menu item in The Brain, that will allow us to copy a link from another location and paste in to the brain so that it will go to a thought.

I use a GTD (ToDo) manager and link to The Brain via thoughts, at this point the link is useless!!! since I have no way of pasting it back in to the brain.  All we need is some way to be able to paste a link back to a thought in to the brain to open it. Once that is there, I will write a quick script for all the mac people to be able to select the link and open the brain thought. 


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