I see that thought URLs are implemented in Windows (YAAAAY!), but not on OSX yet.
Is this planned in a future beta or should I submit a Uservoice for it?

Similarly, Send to was implemented on Windows, but so far not on OSX (on OSX it would be either drag to the dock icon or the Application > Services menu).

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Support for Thought URLs from external apps is planned for Mac OS, but it is quite a bit more complex than for Windows, so it may take some time.

However, please do submit a uservoice entry for dragging to the dock icon.
Outstanding to see hyperlinking now available. Much requested feature - for me, this will make PBrain so much more useful.

Looking forward to the Mac version of doing this. In the meantime, pleased that it works with Windows, and with the new v6.0 database, I can flip back and forth between Windows and Mac versions in my virtual machines. Terrific.

Works well. One small point - if PBrain is already open, the jump to the linked Thought occurs, but PBrain is not given focus/brought to the foreground - so the user may not realise that the link/jump has occurred.

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