I use PB also for managing my directory structure and applications which run on my PC.  Though some applications are thoughts in PB and I want to start them from PB. Let us take for example PB (I know, that this doesn't make sense but it is only an example):

Establish a thought and link it to the file PersonalBrain.exe:

Ok, I can make a double click on this thought and start the application. Next I want to link some information to this thought ( two URLs and one Outlook Mail):

Everything works fine, I can still make a double click on my thoughts and start the application and can open the URLs and the email (BTW: The icon of the mail should have an arrow because the mail is still in outlook and not in PB!). Now I want to link a folder as a child because I have on my computer a directory with PB setup files and with some documentation. I establish a virtual thought under Personal Brain:

Ooops, what has happened to my thought? Can I make a double click to activate PB? No! I get a selection box. The nice icon from the application is also gone. Do I want this behavior? No!
Please can it be established, that if I add a virtual thought as a child, the behavior of the parent child is untouched?
If a make a jump connection to the directory, everything is ok. But I want the directory under the thought.

Click image for larger version - Name: Brain1.png, Views: 90, Size: 14.67 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Brain2.png, Views: 90, Size: 23.63 KB
Click image for larger version - Name: Brain3.png, Views: 103, Size: 26.43 KB

I can't see your images, but based on your description I know the problem you are referring to. This is a problem with the nature of virtual thoughts and how they are attached. We thinking about how to best address this is the future and will fix it in a future release.


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