As thoughts can be referenced many times inside notes text content, why not to automatically search thoughts names inside each note and place a link over each one?
This would mean to use also the notes panel to navigate and not only the plex. Indeed a note could refer to hundreds of thoughts, while having all them in the plex linked to the current thought is another (noisy) matter!
A more subtle function could be build automatically the links from the text...
A thought found via parent (children) hierarchy only could be linked as parent (children) thought and as jump link otherwise.

Is this your house?
I'm Wiston Wolf, I solve problems.
I prefer WikidPad ( Tree outlines with Wiki power built in, and you can easily reset the home/tree root node.

I think it would be great if Personal Brain could do wiki linking in its notes. Linking to other thoughts, URLs, or whatever. ConnectedText ( is supposed to be able to do that, but I've never gotten around to playing with it to see its real capabilities and how well they could meet my needs.

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