I would like to have contextualized thoughts that combine two or more parents. A simple example could be this:

There are two hierarchies, one for "places" and one for "restaurants". A thought that links "London" in the "places" hierarchy" and "French" in the "Restaurant" hierarchy, should display as "Restaurant, French" when viewed from "London", and as "French, London" (or "London, French") when viewed from "Restaurants". A feature like that could be useful for many other purposes, such as linking persons and procjects, events and actors (as well as time, place etc).

As users, we should be given the option to set number of levels etc which will be combined.

Apart from the levels, the comma-trick already does this, unless I'm misunderstanding what you are trying to achieve.

Have you tried that? So your child thought would be named:
"London, Restaurant, French"

For it to work properly you need to have a space after the comma though. It's only one level and you have to do it manually, but it works OK.
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