It would be nice, if you could define thought-specific pins. Then it would be possible to establish thought-specific contexts.
Or is this functionality already available?
Reinhard, TB, WIN 10

Quality is the result of attention paid to details.
Hmm, do I understand that right: you want to activate such a thought and then have a completely different set of pins activated?
But if it was only associated to a specific thought, these pins would go away if a different thought would be selected, right?

Generally I like the idea of having multiple sets of pins for different contexts, but I'm not sure if linking them to thoughts would be the best way to implement that. Would prefer something like a dropdown on the toolbar to handle that.

Again--- VIEWS.
Views would show only those items in the view. This would include pinned thoughts---So when I was at work and using my view I named "Work", only my "Work" thoughts and tags would show up in the plex--- and those that aren't in that view wouldn't show. Not even out of view pinned thoughts.

PB would go to the next level if we had user creatible views. It would be a near upbeatable app if we had user creatible views, role/named links (allowing multiple links between the same two thoughts, self referencing links (which you can do with role/named links), notes that were wikized (allowing you to create a wiki link that--- when clicked--- would take you to that wiki linked thought if it was a PB thought), and the ability to link between PB thoughts in different brains (which you wouldn't really need if you had views, but it would allow people that construct brains for various employer projects to keep the IP of that employer out of their personal brains which will be leaving with them when they finish the contract or leave that employer, but still allow for cross linking between the PB worker's normal brain and the IP brain, for instance), and finally--- being able to start a PB instance in a particular brain with a particular thought active (and if we have views, what view--- required if the thought participates in several views).

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