I'd like to propose a new kind of "synaptic function" in PB: Thread lines. There are times where one thought leads to another thought and then to another, and so on.

There are other times where that "same thought" is part of a different sequence in a thinking session.

I'd like to be able to go into "thread mode" and see a large number of thoughts and then "touch" those that make up a thread.Once finished, I would like to name the thread and when in thread mode, selecting a named thread would highlight the thoughts on the thread.

Obviously you could have a thought on more than one named thread. For instance:

Thread name: solar system: sun - mercury - venus - earth - mars...
Thread name: light sources: fire - sun - light bulbs - LEDs ...

Without a thread-like function, fire and mars get similar visual emphasis. With a thread function, selecting solar system would highlight planets and de-emphasize fire and light bulbs.

Hopefully this makes some kid of sense.

- Bal

In other words, a sort of a "breadcrumbs navigation" in order to find your way back (and forth again) ... excellent idea!
This way one could even prepare different presentations with the same knowledge base and make it/them repeatable.
I support this idea (enthusiastically!).


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