Finally got a working combo with using Thunderbird. I don't know if anyone else has this working, but this is how I did it. Unfortunately this only works with windows. 

Technicial skill required: Slightly more than "enough to be dangerious"
- ! Installing Thunderbird plugins
- ! Copying code from this forum post
- !! Modifying file extensions for temporary files
- !!!! Registry Importing/Editing "Have your child do this part if you feel unconformable tinkering with your Windows innards" Administrator Rights Will Be Required.

Working combination:
- Windows 10 x64
- TheBrain Pro x32
- Java 1.8.X x32
- Thunderbird v38.7.1 x32
- ThunderLink v1.2.1 [Thunderbird Addon]

- TheBrain downloads the rest of the URL link. Kinda creates weird icons sometimes.

- Drag and Drop doesn't work with TheBrain from Thunderbird. Drag and Drop from Thunderbird only saves the email in a <emailname.eml> mbox format. :-(
- This allows pasting an email link from Thunderbird into TheBrain. Thought name will be the subject. Clicking on the link brings Thunderbird up with the email activated. :-)

Why not use Outlook:
- I spent my money on TheBrain, not outlook. :-) "I'm cheap"

Step 1: Find ThunderLink
- Download "ThunderLink" addon for Thunderbird.
  * This is done via the addon page within Thunderbird. Do a search.
Step 2: Install ThunderLink
- Install ThunderLink 1.2.1
- Restart once completed

Step 3: Configure ThunderLink
- Bring up the options for ThunderLink. Look under Addons/Extentions

Step 4: Paste the template
- Copy the provided xml template code from below.
- Select String-3. "1 and 2 already have some sane defaults" 
- Paste the code in the bottom field. [The bigger of the empty boxes]
- Give the string title a name. I used "TheBrain"
- Click OK

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE BrainData SYSTEM "http://www.thebrain.com/dtd/BrainData1.dtd">
<name>ThunderLink Email</name>


Step 5: Register ThunderLink URL with Windows. x32 or x64
-= Creating he REG file =-
--==## CAUTION: Registry Editing. BACKUP your registry before importing. ##==--
- Copy the provided code below x32 or x64.
- Paste to a new text document.
- change the three letter extension to "reg" from "txt"
- Confirm that you really do want to rename it.

- Win32


@="URL:thunderlink Protocol"
"URL Protocol"=""



@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Mozilla Thunderbird\\thunderbird.exe\" -thunderlink \"%1\""

- Win64


@="URL:thunderlink Protocol"
"URL Protocol"=""



@="\"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Mozilla Thunderbird\\thunderbird.exe\" -thunderlink \"%1\""

Step 6: Register ThunderLink URL with Windows. x32 or x64
-= Importing into the Registry =-

- Press the super button "Usually the key with the Windows Logo on it"
- type in "regedit"
- Right click on regiedt
- Select "Run as Administrator"

--==## WARNING: I heavily suggest backing up your registry before editing ##==--
- Optional Backup: Click on file from the menu
- Optional Backup: Select from the left frame "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT"
- Optional Backup: Right click and select "Export"
- Optional Backup: Save this somewhere

- Click on file from the menu
- Select "Import"
- Locate and select the "reg" file you created from above.
- Select "Open" from the bottom.



Step 7: Using ThunderLink
- Right click on an email
- Hover from the bottom menu "ThunderLink"
- Select the "TheBrain" from your choices
- Right click paste into the PLEX of the TheBrain.

You should see the subject become the thought. Activating the thought should bring up Thunderbird with the correct email selected.
--Enjoy-- :-)


Excellent write-up. Thanks for sharing this info.

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