I am just beginning to look at Timeline - is there a way to show existing thoughts on the timeline? I would like to be able to right click on any thought in the Plex and have the context menu give me the ability to show the thought on the Timeline. I have several upcoming appointments as individual thoughts that I would like to show on the Timeline, possibly with the ability to set an alarm. Seems to me I could do something like this with the calendar in Brain 8
Forgive me if I am missing something obvious, but I can't find this kind of functionality now.
Click the + button to open a new tab and click Add Event. This will add an event linked to the active thought. 

Alternately, you can click the bottom bar of the timeline (where it displays the dates) and click to create an event without a thought attached. You can activate the thought later, and attach the thought when you edit the event. 

Or you can assign a keyboard shortcut for Add Event.

I think of Events as date thoughts that I can link my thoughts in the plex to. 

Also, Harlan said recurring events, google sync and alarms weren't included in this release, but are still planned. [smile]
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
Thanks Zenrain, I love it, makes sense now.

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