As I understand it, you are close to going from pre release to Beta. I know you cannot predict the future, you will release it when it is ready, etc. I am not trying to bind you, but do you have a general idea how long from beta to full release? I probably will not trust my real data to anything short of a full release. Reliance in this software is so much greater than most software that precaution is wise. On another issue, I am considering keeping more stuff online perhaps all in one very large brain. Thevl last I checked the online storage quota was small by today's standards. Data storage whether online or local is very cheap. Are you cobsidering allowing larger amounts of data. I get all the office products plus a terabyte of OneDrive for ten dollars a month. My guess is most of that ten dollars is for Office not ObeDrive. I would like to see a basic quota of a terabyte and additional storage for modest amounts. Your competitive advantage is the software not storage. The storage should be competitively priced so as to maximize use of your software.Just my opinion
Thank you for sharing!  I'm writing up your request up for a Terabyte of online storage with the new v9 platform.  No official word yet on what limitations will exist, but stay tuned.  Your hunch is correct that we are getting very close [smile]


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