Here's a tip for if you have a hard time remembering which keyboard accelerators (found in Options > Preferences) you attributed to functions. You can always take a screen shot of your accelerators, attach it as a thought icon, and then pin it. Steps below:
  1. Export your accelerators to a .csv and attach it to a thought (ok, attaching it to the thought isn't actually required, but it means you have a backup )
  2. Open the .csv file with the spreadsheet program of your choice (Excel, Numbers, Google Docs. etc.)
  3. Remove all the accelerators you already have memorized, and if necessary, reorganize into something that makes sense. Add formatting if you'd like also. Save as a separate file.
  4. Right-click your Accelerators thought and choose Capture Thought Icon (requires pro, for core, take a screenshot and crop as necessary, then attach as a thought icon). Capture the area of the spreadsheet.
  5. Pin the Accelerators thought.
This creates a quick and easily accessible reminder sheet for your keyboard accelerators.

Click image for larger version - Name: accel1.png, Views: 166, Size: 13.00 KB Click image for larger version - Name: accel2.png, Views: 165, Size: 48.56 KB
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Nice tip, thanks. Of course, you can also tidy up a copy of the .csv file as a text file then paste it into Notes (or spread it out over several Notes, one screenful per note); you don't need Pro to do this. With both these methods you have to remember to update your reminder list as you change your accelerators. The advantage of the Notes method is that you can directly edit the Note, whereas you need to take another screen capture if anything changes.
Alan Rhodes


Thanks for the very nice tip! Really useful for version pro users. I've just set up mine it now... 


Nice tip also, it seems especially useful for non-version pro users. 

The usage of zenrain's tip certainly wouldn't justify buying a pro license... But if already has one... That would be a elegant and practical option... 

Better would be if the image could be linked (thus automatically kept synced) with the corresponding region of the source sheet. Then, when the accelarators were updated, would be enough a simple  file export and overwriting by the user  ... and then image automatically updated! 

If anyone else will be interested then this could be a new feature request at uservoice... 

Depending on the sheet's content perhaps a update in the linked region of the sheet would be needed (only if the region would have been changed - added or excluded accelerators). 
Also, would be possible to keep the older versions of the exported sheet for backup reasons... 

I am particularly interested in linking and embedding external data sources into the brain, of course this feature would gain my 3 votes at user voice...  But it's stuff for another topic... 

I really like Personal Brain, such a great software! I get surprised with the more and more rooms for improvements on it ... 




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