A symbolic link is a bit like an alias, except it's "closer to the metal". What that means is it's at a lower level in the file system than an alias.

What's bad about a symlink is it's harder to create than an alias, and if the original file moves, it won't work any more. You can create a symlink from the terminal, but there are many utilities and applications that allow you to make a symlink on the Mac without having to dive into the terminal, Pathfinder being one of the more popular ones (I use Forklift).

What's good about a symlink is because it's so "low" in the file system, applications can't tell that it's a link and not the actual file. 

So how's this useful with TheBrain?
If you use TheBrain on multiple machines, especially between Windows and OS X you can add a symlink as an attachment instead of the file and TheBrain won't be able to tell the difference. What this means is that when you synchronize TheBrain it will synchronize the file as if it was added as an attachment and you can modify it on other machines. 
On Windows (or another Mac) you can open the file and edit it, then synchronize the brain again and the original file will be updated on OS X with any changes, even though your file is in another location in your file system.
This won't work with an alias. If you add an alias, you won't be able to open it or modify it on another machine.

Where this is useful for me is I have text files in my Documents folder that I don't want to move into TheBrain. However I do want to have access to them, and be able to change them on other machines. If I attach a symlink to the file, I will be able to do both, as long as I don't move or rename the original file.

There is one caveat. You can't add the file by dragging it into the plex, as TheBrain will move the original file. Instead, open the folder for the thought and use finder to drag the symlink in. Voila. Now you can have your cake and eat it too!
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

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