Hello Folks,

I have a problem to use thebrain. I have different Projects and task that I have to keep track off. I tried to create a main "to-do" branch in my brain, which carry a main "to-do" thought from every single project. But I lost track. 

Now I'm using Todolist from Abstractspon, to keep track of the Todos.
The advantage is that I can' structure the Task hierarchic and give them a 
status like 50% done 75% done.... disadvantage is, that I'm keep the information in two different places and maybe miss something.

Can't anybody give me a hint to solve this problem. Maybe to link thoughts with a to-do list or something like this. The best way would be to see a brain with solve this issue.



Have you used tags to do (pun intended) this?

You could have a main tag "Todo" and as many other tags to keep track as you want. For example:
  • 25%
  • 50%
  • Done
  • Contact sender
  • Need more info
  • ....
You can than easily search for everything that is 25% done and if you have "Show tags" enabled you can easily see in the plex at what status a task has.
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I had the same experience and eventually moved my task list to OmniFocus. Mainly because I can have tasks that are due show up on specific dates but otherwise remain hidden. Also since I use a loose interpretation of GTD, OF is much more suited to the task. 

However, given that, here's some ideas in addition to Steeph's excellent suggestions:

  • I find that outline view is best for task lists.
  • You try incorporating the calendar for date specific tasks. That way they will prompt you. You can set up several reminders for the thought, so you can set up a start date and due date.
  • Use a Next or Today tag. At the beginning of the morning, go through your task lists and mark everything you want to do today with that tag. Pin that tag. Now you have everything you want to accomplish for the day within easy reach.
  • For multi-step projects (and where you can) use the checkboxes in the notes rather than have one thought per task. This will reduce the number of thoughts and clutter.
  • Have folders to sort by area. For example Home, Work. This way in outline view you can collapse the ones you aren't currently working in but they are all available for review just by opening the folder.
  • Check out the following resources:

That should get you started.
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I have a thought called "Hot Tasks" where I put the most urgent things I need to do. Some of these are actual tasks. Some are links to active projects that I need to work on. This is a very fluid system, as I don't have a set process. If I want to remind myself to do something, it goes under the Hot Tasks thought -- which is also pinned for quick access.

The advantage of this system is that I can add anything as a child to Hot Tasks. Need to respond to an e-mail, I drag the original from Outlook into Hot Tasks and I not only am reminded to make the response, but I have quick access to the original message. Need to pay an invoice next week? Drag the PDF of the invoice into Hot Tasks, and there it is just begging to be paid. Some of Hot Tasks child thoughts only exist under Hot Tasks, some also have Project specific thoughts as parents.

I've been using this simple system for a few months and find it works well.

Hi Folks,

thx for the answers. I already use the 25% tags etc. 

Is it possible to store the outline view only for the special TO-DO thought?
I mean, would like to use the outline view for the to-do thought and the to-do child thoughts but the regular view for the rest of the brain. Is that possible?


No, but it's a good idea. I took a quick look in UserVoice and this was the closest thing I found.
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