One of the reasons why I'm still using TB8 is that the menu bar/ tool bar at the top is twice as big in TB9/TB10 as it was in TB8. . It wastes space when every inch needs to be used to display the plex. (And that's even after clicking the toggle for "compact window title bar" under Options> Preferences.

Why not add another clickable toggle under Options>Preferences to toggle the presence of the TOOL BAR (that's the bar with "home; open types; open tags ; text size...") I think the most important of those tools is font size, and that could be moved somewhere else.

The search box (at the right side of the TOOLS BAR) is essential (and perhaps some of the other adjacent buttons.) I would move the search box to be adjacent to (same horizontal line as) the brain box toggle  to free up more space for the plex.  

(I'll sneak in two more issues.)

If possible, I would paint the menu bar or the title bar a separate color. That's because the stripe in very top few millimeters has the crucial function of enabling the Windows user to drag the window around.

I was so annoyed at Microsoft for failing to notice this obvious flaw (invisibility) in their UI that I wrote an entire article about it:

This can become a problem in TB10 when the title bar is toggled off or when the menu bar inadvertantly disappears (and with it, the means to shrink, move, enlarge the window.)

Finally, I still feel that casual readers of our online websites (ie users of WebClient) would benefit by having hover-over enlargement of those four crucial buttons at the bottom right of the plex (the tiny arrows) that alter the orientation and extent of the plex.

Thanks again for all your hard work,


Bob ~

Have you tried working in presentation mode? I don't normally use it myself, but it would considerably reduce all the framing and "wasted space" you're concerned about -- and, with the escape key, you could quickly access the search fields and menus at any time.

The reason I ask is that the space adjacent to the Brain Box is currently used for displaying multiple brain tabs, so I suspect some users would not want that space to be reduced any further than it already is.

In addition, while the space on the home - search tool bar appears to be wasted, it is currently used for important messaging about the status of TheBrain (syncing, updates, backups, etc.) and I'm not sure where this messaging function would be located with the menu toggle and layout changes you are proposing.

Your thoughts?

As for enlarging the plex splitter controls, there's another related discussion about this that might be of interest.

... and here's another question about the use the "Compact Window Title Bar" -- in case it might still be relevant.
Thanks for the quick reply , Metta.

I hadn't tried presentation mode; it is a step toward solving the problem.  But, when I'm working I constantly use the menu bar (file, edit, view, etc) and the search box.  So,  that's not a good solution for me (although I love the extra space.)

TB8 has the wonderful option of HIDING the toolbar! (That option is now gone.)  I almost never use the TB8 toolbar.

Displaying multiple tabs by some users.   Here are the extremes:  I am alone in wanting more space for the plex but another thousand users want that space for multiple brain tabs.  OR, is it that a thousand other users and I want more space for the plex and just a few users keep six or more brains open all the time.

Messaging in the TAB space:  those transiently flashed status updates could be written onto the plex   (just as the HELP messages are (eg brain tips; check for updates, etc.))

Plex splitter controls:  Reasonablekamakaze is reasonable! (good suggestion);  Those tiny arrow controls deserve more prominence, especially for casual readers of our online websites. (I suggested hover-enlargement, just because it would be easy for Harlan.)  I like Rk's suggestion for the icons (although those are currently used to toggle the timeline and reports... (those controls logically belong together (resizing controls for vast swathes of the display.)) But, I agree with the impulse to maintain consistency between the online plex and the desktop plex.  The tiny arrows are not a deal-killer for me, because I use TheBrain (TB8) several hours a day.  But my online readers sometimes mention the steep learning curve.

Compact Window Title Bar:  this is a potential minefield; but my feeling is that it's worth it to minimize that huge (IMHO) dead space above the plex.

PS:  I was/am fine with the search box and adjacent clock icon (history list) in TB8 at the left hand end of the past thoughts row. And, I don't mind the resulting shortening of that list. 

PPS:  I also notice the hurdles that Mark Trexler has had to jump over to get his online brain displayed by default in horizontal mode.
  As in our discussion here:    It seems to me that this should be an easy option to put either under Option> Preferences  or under Online. 

Finally,  I constantly keep my eye on the display rate in the WebClient of  TB10 versus WebBrain (TB8)... eg in wander mode. If WebClient is really slow for my readers that is a deal-killer for my switching to TB10  (see the comparison in my post above.) 

Thanks for all your feedback, Bob. I'll be interested to see how TB team and other users respond to your suggestions and recommendations.

FWIW, I also suspect the slow wander issue will, unfortunately, linger until the basic navigation in the web client plex is considerably improved.....

= Update =
I just now checked Jerry's Brain in TB10 web client, and I must say I was delightfully surprised by how quick the wander speed was this evening -- and even the basic navigation seemed to be much snappier than it was before. I know members of TB team have indicated they're working now on the web client and, if tonight's web client responsiveness is indicative of a new performance standard in TB10 web client, things are definitely heading in very a good direction! ÃƒÂ°Ã…¸â„¢â€š
Thanks so much, Metta.

I do see that display speed seems to have greatly improved in  BobBlum: AI Neurosci   (as displayed in the TB10 web client.)
FYI, that same brain, as displayed in the old TB8 WebBrain is here:  BobBlum WebBrain .
If this increased speed proves to be reliable, that will help to catalyze my adoption of TB10 (away from TB8 that I still use.)

To take one final stab at the Wasted Space issue, I would challenge TB team to start a redesign using the View> Presentation Mode and see how compactly they can add back the search bar, the menu bar (file, edit, thought, view, etc.) , and windowing controls... and then offer that as a Toggle option.  (My backhand way of restating that I LIKE the compactness of TB8 and previous generations.)  


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