Hello all,

Long time since last posting!

1. A small annoyance:
The toolbar setting (on or off) changes when changing computers. Is the settings localised to the computer, and not the USB-drive?

2. A large annoyance:
Memory useage! When using my Brain, the memory useage slowly increases to 130 000 KB, more than Outlook!  This is really annoying, it makes my Brain slow. Is this to be expected?

I'm really happy with my PB, but as I find new uses, it grows, and it really slows up at times!

Edit: J-1.6.0_022
All settings are stored together, including the toolbar setting... That's strange. Can you replicate this problem reliably?

Memory usage of PB will be higher than most programs if you have a large Brain. PB is essentially a database with an animated visual front end on it. There are a few more performance improvements we have in store for the next release that should help.


I may have been too quick to conclude about the toolbar! Hopefully it's a case human memory lapse. I will post later if I can reproduce the toolbar issue.

Looking forward to the memory correction!

Keep up the good work, Harlan!

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