I've just installed and I have confirmed that the tools layout is still being reset if I close two (or more) brains with different tools layouts and then open the brains again.  Apparently the tools layout is global instead of being stored with each brain.

I believe this is a regression because I didn't notice it until I started working with 6.0, but it is possible that is a previously existing problem that I simply didn't notice until I changed the tools layout to be different in different brains.

Please fix or enhance PersonalBrain to store the tools layout with each brain instead of globally.


Note: Previously posted with a title that (erroneously, as it turns out) suggested this issue has something to do with running two versions of PersonalBrain (
Not sure which one or if it is the same specific cause, but one of the recent updates also reset my tools layout

Also, when one changes the UI language, the Tools Layout is reset to its default...

@Cornan, You are correct, the tools layout is global across all Brains. Please post a feature request on our Uservoice page, for a feature to store tools layout individually for each Brain.

@glientsc, I have confirmed the issue where resetting UI language causes tools layout to be reset and have passed it over to our engineers for analyis.



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