I use PB5 Pro on a Win XP laptop and a Mac OS X 10.5.  I am getting asked at log in if I wish to install the indexing feature.

My two machines access a shared copy of the brain files which I keep on at cloud drive (DropBox).

Am I OK to install the indexing or will I possibly corrupt my databases as I switch between Mac and Windows?


Hello Stan,

I believe you'll be alright running the indexing software on both machines. On my PC (Windows XP), the indexing software created and maintains a subdirectory named "index" in my "_brain" directories. Under "index" are separate index directories for PersonalContent and PersonalThoughts. The indicies in these sub-subdirectories appear generic and should be functional on all PB-supported platforms.

It would be prudent, however, to wait for a nod from Moe or someone else from TheBrain pro staff, but you could, if you were in an experimental frame of mind, make a backup brainzip and allow indexing to run on the original.

-- Sam

snsok, Thanks for the post.  As SamCox indicates it is ok to install Indexing libs on your XP machine as it wont corrupt your Brain between switching. Still it is always good to make backups of your Brain.

Best regards,


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