I'm interested in developing a file management application that lets you add, view and remove files. Is there a viewer, similar to the MindJet viewer, for a map developed with TheBrain that would let you add or remove files to a directory, without requiring a copy of TheBrain - similar to the Viewer for MindJet or the viewer for Excel; it allows the map to be ran without requiring a copy of TheBrain.

I was told that you can export a map to html but the exported html map lets you only view files but does not let you add or remove files in a map.

If there is no viewer, its there a workaround to allow files to be added or removed in an exported map.

If a map is loaded in TheBrain, can it be protected from editing or modification.
The free version of PB4 can be considered more than a comprehensive viewer with the functionality you require.

Perhaps i'm being a numty, but when you say you're developing 'a file management application that lets you add, view and remove files' my first suggestion would be to use PB4! Can you expand on your objectives a little?

Welsome and happy braining


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I should have said that I wanted to develop a map with a directory structure, that would allow you to paste and cut files in directories, preferably with a directory structure internal to PB.

I prefer to have the map ran with a viewer or to edit protect the map to prevent the map from being edited. I saw some maps developed with MindJet that used a viewer to prevent the map from being altered.

Can the map be saved or exported so that it can be ran in viewer or opens in a browser; and still allows you to paste and cut files in a directory structure?

If the cut and paste does not work for exported maps, is there a way to edit protect or to assign an edit privilege to the map to prevent it from being altered.

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