1) I have a set of a dozen child thoughts all of parent A. I want to copy them and make the copies children of parent B. So I add all of A's children to the selection box, copy selected thoughts, make B active then paste them into the plex where they should become child thoughts of B (as well as A).

What happens in fact is that only one of the child thoughts is attached to B and all the rest stay with A. Now I have to go back to A and pick out the newly created children, one by one, which wastes a lot of time.

This was a problem with v5.5 and it's still a problem in I made sure I could replicate this in a brand new brain created for v6. I recall seeing this reported for the earlier version, though I can't find the thread anymore.

2) The "Paste Thoughts" menu option in both the Plex context menu and the Edit menu fail to display the accelerator assigned to this. Furthermore, in the accelerators list it is named "Paste into Plex" so could we please have this renamed "Paste Thoughts" so everyone knows what it really means?

Thanks for looking into this. PB6 is shaping up to be a great improvement.

Alan Rhodes
Hi Alan,

This is by design. Only the most recently activated thought of your copied thoughts is linked automatically. Otherwise when you paste, all thoughts would always be linked at the point where you paste - meaning you wouldn't be able to paste structured information as it would always wind up being linked in one place.

To do what you want, clear the selection then select Edit > Add Pasted Thoughts to Selection. Then right click the selection and select Link as Children.

The accelerator is not shown because that's not the same command - Paste into Plex" is really several different paste options merged into a single accellerator (Paste Thoughts, Paste Outline, Paste Web Link, Paste Thought Icon, etc). This is why it has a different name and doesn't show as an accellerator - when you use it if there are multiple options that match the current context, you will see that it asks you which you want.
OK, thanks for explaining.
Alan Rhodes
Harlan, I tried out your advice without really understanding why it was supposed to work this way, and found in the end that what I need to do if I just want to copy two or more child thoughts from one parent (A) to another (B) is:

1) Add the child thoughts to be copied to the selection box and click Copy Selected Thoughts;
2) Paste the thoughts back into the plex (with A still as parent);
3) Close the selection box which clears it;
4) Click Edit, Add pasted thoughts to selection - selection box opens with new thoughts;
5) Unlink them from parent A at this point if I want to move, not copy them;
6) Activate Parent B and link them as children, as you mentioned.

This seems a lot of extra work compared with copying just one Thought where all I have to do is Copy Thoughts open the target and Paste Thoughts. It's not always reliable - sometimes when I click Edit and Add pasted thoughts to selection, they don't all get added. Might it be possible to eliminate steps 2-4 so that the process works the same whether I'm copying just one Thought or a whole bunch? Thanks.
Alan Rhodes

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