The UI elements at the buttons are bad.
The left one is an indicator only, whilst the right one opens a menu. They should not look so similar and should not be that close together.
Because I can click on the hamburger-icon, I expect that I can click on the signal-icon to the left of it, as well.
But that  just opens up the Brain itself, making me think that I misclicked.
That's plausible, since they're tiny. Which lead me to try again and get the same result.
I wasn't paying attention that time, because I was bored by all of this already, leading me to have to do it a third time.
And now it dawning on me, that it's just an indicator, and I'm rather annoyed.

Also the Brain-icons which (in very pretty manner) mirror the set wallpaper, should not be the foreground for those icons. Cause the Wallpaper can be grey as well. So they should be under the icons for clearer visibility.
I suggest making both icons bigger, and making the "signal"-indicator orange and to the bottom left of the icon.
Click image for larger version - Name: Capture.png, Views: 54, Size: 174.54 KB

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How to use TheBrain 11 fast (work in progress)


Thanks for posting. I'll share your feedback on this with the design team.

Thank you,
+1 for David's brain list icon recommendations

2 more general brain list requests:
  • Pinned brains at the top of the list for easy access
  • Preference setting for smaller brain thumbnails (to allow more brains to be visible in the list at one time)
2 more brain list requests from v8 webbrain:
  • Separate shared brains and created brains into 2 separate sections
  • Add a description field for each brain (including shared brains)

Love the pinned Brain thumbnail idea for those of us with multiple databases.  I'll document your requests.

@mcaton ~

Glad you like the idea of pinning brains to the top of the brain list.

I did too ~ and I just now confirmed that Sean suggested and documented this idea back in April of this year (#5431) as a replacement for the brain button that disappeared from TB8.

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