At the moment the more commonly used menu "Options" which is also visually to the left of "Online", so the menu one will notice first, doesn't have "o" as it's hotletter, but "p".
This makes menu bar navigation unintuitive, thus slow.
If a second letter has to be used, then it should be the l on "Online". If the simple rule "first letter of menu entry = menu" is broken, one is easily discouraged from navigating the menubar with speed, because one will certainly stumble over this.
Thus wherever possible the menubar-categories should all start with different letters.
So I propose renaming "Online" to "Cloud", which is more descriptive of what it's about anyway and "Cloud" may then also use the hotletter "c" and everything is as it should be.


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Laptop monitor: 15,6 inch, 1920x1080@60Hz
external monitor: 42.5 inch, 3840x2160@60Hz
(I use one or the other, never both at once)
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unless otherwise specified, assume 100% scaling
My videos always show the current time & date (look at Windows Taskbar).
How to use TheBrain 11 fast (work in progress)

Hi David,

I've gone ahead and documented this as a feature request. Thanks for your valuable feedback.


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