So I created a test brain, just to see how everything works, but now I can't delete it. It created a folder in my home directory called "Just A Test_brain" because I called it "Just A Test", but whatever I do won't get rid of it. Or, to be accurate, I can delete it but it gets recreated every time I do so. I've even deleted the local copy within The Brain software, and it asked if I wanted to permanently delete it, but it still came back! This is very annoying and frustrating. Are there any solutions to this problem?

EDIT: Also, within the "Just A Test_brain" folder is another folder called "brain_db". Within that is a file called "brain.lock.db". The contents of that file are as follows:

#Tue Nov 03 17:48:52 EST 2015

TheBrain has built-in functionality to securely remove/delete a Brain. You can find this on the Brain list: File > Close Brain. Under the name of the Brain, click the drop down menu then choose Delete Local Copy

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