It seems that with version, I'm no longer able to simply drag URLs into the Plex (with Auto-hide engaged). I can, however, copy and paste URLs into the plex. Is this an intentional change in functionality or am I the only one experiencing this? 

(Background: I keep PB in "auto-hide top" mode and am used to simply dragging URLs to the top of my screen and dropping them into the plex at the activated thought. This functionality seems to have vanished after the latest beta version. I can live with copy/paste but prefer dragging/dropping. I'm just curious whether this was an intentional change.)

I noticed this upon installation of 6038 too. Try rebooting and that should clear it up.


TB8022 32bit
Java 32bit Version 8 Update 141


Firefox, Office 2013 Pro Plus 32bit
64bit Win10Pro
64bit Primary Laptop, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i7
64bit Secondary Laptop, 64GB RAM, Intel Xeon E3
Brain user since 1997

Okay. Reboot resolved URL drag-drop issue. I'll be sure and reboot after each update--just in case. Thanks.


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