I have been unable export a working SiteBrain HTML.  Simple HTML works just fine.  The export process completes with no errors but the page does not contain any thoughts.  I've tried with various simple brains with the same results.  I'm using the trial of Brain 7 version

I can't find any documentation about restricted trial versions or other similar issues.

Exported SiteBrain HTML index page:

Very strange: I tested this with my trial version two weeks ago and it worked. But now I tried again with a new export and had the same problem you had. The SiteBrain created two weeks ago still works.
At first I thought maybe you have to select thoughts you want to export, but that doesn't seem to make a difference. Thoughts are exported, though - there are files for all of them in the ThoughtData folder of the SiteBrain

... a little later ...
Those first tests were with Firefox.
Chrome shows only a blank page.
But: with Internet Explorer it works! 
Oh, and all my tests were from the file system, since I don't have a web server at hand. Maybe it works better if coming from a web server.

Which browser did you use? Did you put the SiteBrain on a web server?



TheBrain (trial)

Java 1.7.0_05

Windows 7

Internet Explorer 9


Ok... I got it working.  It only works locally with IE 9, not in Firefox or chrome (that's a first for me).

However when I load it to a webserver it works on all browsers I tested.

Thanks for the help.
I use Brain 5.5 to export SiteBrains to a network drive so my colleagues have read-only access.  I just upgraded to 7.0 and found that FF or Chrome don't seem to display locally stored SiteBrain -- only showing an empty blue canvas, like the one ieorsteve posted.  IE does work, but none of my coworkers use IE.

Is it in the works to enable FF and Chrome to show SiteBrains?  Or do I need to revert back to Brain 5.5?


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