Just a small issue to note regarding misleading error messages

I have been building my brain on a 2GB SanDisk USB Drive. No problems until this evening when the automatic SanDisk synchronisation filled the USB drive.

I was given no warning and continued to work in the brain.  I then noticed that I could not move a file into the brain and was given the warning that the file may be in use by another program.

After closing the brain and relaunching, I was then unable to open the brain
"PersonalBrain 4 could not create or connect to the database.  Please make sure you do not already have this Brain open and try again."
Details:File input/output error: drive:/path.../brain.script...

After a cold restart of my Windows XP PC, the same message appeared.

It dawned upon me that the issue may be due to the available space on the USB drive.

After re-setting the synchronisation folders that deleted data from the drive, I was able to open my brain with no issues.

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