After installing on my Samsung Tab S2, all my Brains downloaded just fine from TheBrain cloud. They also display as expected but I ran into a problem when I wanted to view the PDF attachments to some of the thoughts. How do you open PDF attachments in the Android TheBrain? MS Word attachments show fine in the window but I have been unable to open PDF attachments. I have Adobe and Foxit PDF readers installed.
Hi Sukhdave,

I tested this on my Android and had no issues with opening a PDF (using Foxit, Adobe, and Google Drive). Can you please send us a copy of one of the PDFs that are not working for you to so we can test it? It's possible that there is something specific to that PDF that is causing it to not open properly.

The only other things I can think of is that the PDF is either not an internal attachment, or did not sync correctly. In this case, open the desktop application and check that the PDF is an internal attachment, then sync it again.

Cheers, Sean

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