Checkbox becomes available for checking/unchecking only after search string is entered,
which should mean (IMHO):
I first get initial results and if I get too many, I can limit search by searching only childward.

Currently it means:
If I checked "Childward Only" in previous search, then I often do not get any results, only ability to uncheck "Childward Only".
Only after this second step, I get search results.

Even when I want to do search specifically under some "category" thought,
in most cases we will first have to navigate to the "category" thought,
probably also by entering its name into search field.
(Because we will operate on some "bottom layer" active thought)
So we will have to uncheck "Childward Only" anyway before checking it again.
= more steps in almost every case.
Thanks for reporting this. I replicated the same behavior, and have documented it as a bug.

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