I need a strange behaviour confirmed by others, before crying "Wolf".

I'm using Thunderbird with Smartsave addon to store important emails in PB. Smartsave saves the emails as .eml files.

Make a new thought, open the 'Thought Folder', then make new files (or copy old files, doesn't matter) with the extension '.eml'. Please make several.

1. What is the number of files shown in the Thought Icon?

Make a single new file with another extension (whatever extension).

2. How many files are shown in the Thought Icon?

I followed above procedure, and (1) made 4 .eml files, and then (2) 1 .abc file.

My responses were:

1. Files are shown in 'Properties & Attachments', but no icon is shown.

2. Number "5" is shown in bottom, left corner of thougth icon.


Looking forward to answers!

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