Message box "Unexpected Error" appears whenever TB9 is started.
Text of message: TheBrain has encountered an error and will now close.

What should I do next?
When TB9 starts, it should detect that there was a crash and ask you if you would like to reload settings. If you do not, reload settings it should be able to start.

Once started, under the Help menu, select "Open Logs Directory", go into the "Error Reports" and sent the latest report there to us at

If you can't get TB9 to start, let us know. The logs directory is located in: ~/.TheBrain/v9/Logs

When I start TB9:
The splash screen appears followed by pop-up "Unexpected Error".
Splash screen goes away after 2 sec by itself.

txt ErrorReport_2015-12-21_13-20-31.log.txt     txt Output.log.txt    

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