I'm all for baby steps with adding any right-click functionality to avoid bloat, but something like the image below would be awesome for rapidly building out a brain's context from within TheBrain itself.

Browser Right Click.png

As-Is process would be something like the following:
Case 1: swivel seating between apps ... i.e. open in web browser, selecting URL, dragging, alt-tabbing back to the brain, and dropping back into brain
Case 2: opening embedded link within embedded browser, awaiting page load, selecting new URL in embedded browser URL bar, copying, pasting onto plex, adjusting to be either parent or jump if child is not desired, returning to original thought context, then relaunching the embedded browser ... and hopefully you've remembered where you were at if the page was LOOOOONG

Both case #1 and #2 also have the unfortunate issue while in Outline View for the inability to link as parent/jump on drop. Please see: Linking new thought as parent or jump directly, regardless of plex layout
As an extension of this feature suggestion, the thought icon ingress/assignment process could be greatly improved if a right-click action is also intercepted from within the embedded browser when clicking on an image or link to an image. The example below shows a hypothetical set of actions when right-clicking upon an image:
Thought Icon Right-Click.png 
Regarding the "image at link" suggestion, this may be tricky due to the different methods of "linking" a higher resolution image from within a site (i.e. direct link to .jpg file, link to a dedicated HTML rendered frame that embeds the higher res image within, hot-link protected dynamic rendering subpages, etc.).

That said, ideally, the largest image file available would be best for certain types of thought icons ... such as a landscape photograph ... so pulling a linked image would be nice, but for an initial implementation, a user could simply click through within the embedded browser to resolve the higher resolution image itself within the embedded browser and then right-click the image and use the base case "Set with this image" option.

The third option would suggest also an optional annotation canvas similar to's Chrome Extension within which one could perform a few image editing tasks such as crop, blur, annotate, etc.

Related Topics:
Improving and extending the thought icon richness in this way would be nicely integrated with another suggestion I made over here:
Animated Thought Icons w/ Audio Snippets (PowerPoint / Prezi Behavior)
Also, please note, this feature would eliminate the need to use the workaround noted within a former issue I documented here:
Pasting Icon Creates Enormous PNG Files

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