I can see this two-copies thing being a real pain in the backside! So I had a laptop at work, wanted to install on there and at home. I've just got a new MacBook Pro, and want to install on there instead of the old laptop. So that would be a third installation - how do I unregister the copy on the old laptop so I can install it on the mac? Doubly important, as I still haven't decided if I want to install it on Snow Leopard, or the Windows 7 VM...

You may want to e-mail sales (sales@thebrain.com?) or support (support@thebrain.com).
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
I just asked this question and they said all you do  is take a screenshot of the uninstall and send it to them. Just call their main number.
PB Pro
Windows 7 x64
394 thoughts and climbing

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