Ran into the unsafe names failure to sync issue a week or so ago. I initially tried to just locate then forget/delete the attachments. That did not solve the problem and in fact the date integrity scan continues to show these attachments. I was advised by support to rename "~/.TheBrain/v9/MetaDB" file to ~/.TheBrain/v9/MetaDB.old" and restart. It didn't work as far as I could tell; however follow up emails were not responded to and so I can't check to see if I did something wrong. Note that the same brain syncs just fine on my other Mac but the one with the problem had not been synced after those attachments had been added to it a few days before.  Anybody have any suggestions and is support on holiday?  (the  support email I got was 11/15.). Thanks.

We have seen this before. The most likely issue is that a file got deleted, but there is still metadata left behind. Essentially what needs to happen is we will put fake files in the place of those deleted ones, then delete them from within TheBrain. 

Cheers, Sean

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