I just downloaded the latest version and when I try to run it it stops at the splash screen.

I tried throwing it in the trash and using a new version, and I also tried the alternative installer.

I'm on a macbookpro, running v10.8.2 and java 1.6.0_37

Didn't have any problem with the previous version.

-- Mac Brain user since v1.x 8,678 thoughts and counting!

Are you receiving any kind of error message? You may need to try this:

1. Open Terminal
2. Copy and Paste this (one line at a time):
    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
    killall Finder
    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE
3. Navigate to: (/Users/YOURUSERNAME/.TheBrain)
    Another way of getting to this folder is by right-clicking on a Thought in your Brain and selecting 'Add Attachment' then 'Templates...'. This will prompt you to open the folder associated with Templates. Select 'Yes' and the folder will open. Navigate one level up in the folder structure and you will be in the .TheBrain folder.
3. Close any instance of TheBrain or PersonalBrain you may have running.
4. Move any .xml and .bak preferences files to your Trash.
5. Empty your Trash
Once these steps have been completed please try restarting TheBrain. If you are still having trouble, please feel free to contact support directly at or
Thanks, that worked.  It asked me re-login to (or was it and then I opened my local copy of my brain.

As to whether I had gotten an error message before, no, I hadn't.  It just put up the splash screen.


-- Mac Brain user since v1.x 8,678 thoughts and counting!

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