Hi ... I'm using Brain 10 on Windows now, and I'm not able to update to the latest version.  On the forum, I see that Brain 10.0.45 was released yesterday, but when I check for updates, my Brain shows 10.0.36 and says that it is the latest version.
@ptc22030 ~

As I understand it, the newest brain versions are released on the alpha channel and, if they are NOT available to you when you try to update, it may be because your installation is set on either the stable or beta channel, instead.

To confirm your installation settings, follow this navigation pathway:
> Options > Preferences > System > Updates

Please note that the newest (alpha) releases may include important bug fixes. However, these updates may also be less stable than the beta (or stable) channel updates.

Hope this helps.
Meta is correct.  10.0.45 is only out for Windows by the way and is currently on the Alpha Channel.

The Alpha channel contains frequent updates and provides access to the very latest versions. It is the recommended channel if you have an urgent need for a fix that is not yet available on the Stable channel and do not mind frequent updates.

To get on the Alpha channel:

Windows: Go to Options > Preferences > System > Updates, and select Alpha from the dropdown menu. Then go to Help > Check for Update, and install the update.

macOS: Go to TheBrain > Preferences > System > Updates and select Alpha from the dropdown menu. Then go to TheBrain > Check for Update, and install the update.


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