Been using Secunia's Personal Software Inspector which is a nifty tool for checking if  known security updates are available for programmes installed on computer.

It detected that my Java was installation was not up to date - so I uninstalled Java, downloaded the latest version from Sun's website, installed the new version.

But when I then rescanned the PC  ) with Secunia's Software I get informed that the Java files in folder C:\Program Files\PersonalBrain\jre\bin remain to be patched.

Any idea how to patch the files in C:\Program Files\PersonalBrain\jre\bin ?

PB v.4125, j-1.6.0_02 on wWinXP


Win7pro, PB, J - 1.7.0
what jre is that?  I looked in my folders and pb does not have its own jre.
I'm using 4126 with Java 1.6.   Maybe you installed the jre there yourself, or perhaps there is something that I didn't install but you did?


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