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Don't know, enough to have noticed, not enough to have worried about it. 

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Thanks all,

We've duplicated the issue and have had a more in depth discussion with the engineers.  Different browsers recognize different favicon.ico types (  Some sites use ICO, others use PNG, JPGs (or even BMP! - ick!)  And even the location of these files can change. 

PersonalBrain is parsing the web content being attached to try and find where favicon.ico is.  Depending on the file type, the HTML code being used and the file location, PB may not be able to transfer the Favicon.

Thank you,
Matt, thank you for explaining what the difficulties are here. It's good to learn that progress is being made in this direction. Although it's quite possible that one browser may not display a particular favicon that another browser will, I would be quite happy if PB's level of favicon retrieval matches that of Firefox which, being open-source, might serve as an emulation model.
Alan Rhodes

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