Now that we have an internal browser within The Brain, if the Original URL does a redirect the new page is loaded (Redirected URL) how does one go about finding the Original URL?

The Original URL is the one that is most important to me as that is the one that I put into The Brain.
This Redirect could be a temporary or a permanent one, but I want to know what I entered into The Brain. 

Test Case
Original URL

Redirected URL

Video showing the challenge after the URL has been redirected within The Brain

TheBrain, iOS V10.0.
Windows 10 (V19041), Windows 7 SP1, OS X V10.15.x
Using The Brain since V3 (1999)


Great observation Pat!  Maybe a home button would be beneficial.  I'll document this feature request.

In the mean time, you can easily click on the original URL attachment from the list on the left (below the Notes Tab).


Clicking on the attachment tab will go back to the original URL. If the server redirects, it will likely redirect again. If you right click on the attachment tab and select "Copy", it will copy the original URL into the clipboard.

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