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perry wrote:
I wonder how many use the code view in TB8 to edit notes (I rarely do)?

Rarely here, also.  I don't know the history on why TheBrain incorporated an HTML editor, but I wouldn't mind if importing pre-Brain 9 brains would convert all my notes to Rich Text.

As much as I prefer Markdown editing -- and welcome its support in TheBrain 9+ -- I think it might still be a niche for most and a little obscure for other users.  I would guess Rich Text would be acceptable to the broadest audience.  

On OS X, several apps (e.g., Outlinely) have a toggle so that the editor is either Markdown or Rich Text.  The source is always XML.  I don't know if that's helpful here, but it's just another observation.
Thanks for the additional input everyone. This is all very useful information.
perry wrote:

I do too [smile]

It's just a few instances where it's annoying: following a link, clicking a checkbox, copying content...

This is what I really dislike... I wish TB would capture the click on the link button before the Note enters Edit mode (like it does for checkboxes):


Nice discovery.  This has been documented for review.


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