I buy PB 5.5 last year but don't use it much. Starting this year I begin to use it as my main selfmanagement/informationmanagement toolset. After some trys I build-up a "MyBrain" (single brain approach).

I buy a PB 6.0 license and load the PB 5.5 based "MyBrain" after some initial tests.

After some problems I try the "Rebuild database" function. This reports my 28 errors (See attachement for two example error reports).

My questions is now : Is it better to restart my "MyBrain" on PB 6.0 from scratch to have a "clean" perhaps error free brain or go ahead with the existing brain.

Today redo isn't a big thing (Take 2-3 hours) but I don't whant invest this time with no positiv effect !



I reported the same thing (I had the same 28 errors when upgrading). Support told me it doesn't cause an issue with the database, and it will be resolved in a future release, so you can keep using your upgraded brain.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
This problem is being resolved.

zenrain is correct - you can ignore those errors safely. However, please check that the changes you made have been correctly restored.

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