Why would the BRAIN Forum not be organized and presented through its own interface?  Is this subtle or commonsense?  Should it not be possible for each participant -- who presumably has some version of BRAIN -- to simply connect via their local interface and see the Forum plex, use their interface to create notes and post them, as well as attachments?

Barring the fact that PB's capabilities aren't at the level of interfacing and live updates to server software, or even portioning off portions of existing brains to a networked or internet brain, I'm not sure how this would work in practice.

You would have your forum parent thought, then forum area subthoughts, then individual forum threads. Here's the start of the question. How do threads in an area present? Grouped by date? Modified date? How about when there are hundreds of threads under a forum area. Maybe grouped by update month?

Then into the thread themselves. Each reply would have to be it's own thought, to allow attachments. However, seeing all the replies in a continuous format would be impossible at the thought level, so maybe it would have to allow attachments at the note level?

It's an interesting concept, but thinking about how to make it work at a practical level is making my head hurt.
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