I've been using Brain for a couple of years now for various things, including journal, thought mapping, to-do lists, data compilation and a range of tasks.  It's such a useful piece of software that has so many unrealised future applications but don't get me started on that.

At the moment I'm using it as a cataloging software... in particular stamps.  I will also experiment with it for coins, bank notes, etc.  But the basic principle is the same for anything, even warehouse inventory... anything you want really.  Has anyone else used it for this?  I'd be curious to know layouts and tips.

Currently I have each individual item has it's own card/thought, and on that card/thought it includes a uniform set of information... in my example it includes information such as condition, notes, face value, estimated value, etc.  Obviously this set of note information could include a whole bunch of stuff.

Each card's parent is the country of origin, and in many cases the series that the stamp belonged to, with siblings being other members of that series.  This makes linking up with other siblings later much easier, because as you link a newly cataloged item to a series you can immediately see what others you already have in that series, and so forming sets becomes a snap.

Additionally each stamp item thought is sibling-linked to other generic types such as whether it's a block, a SE-tenant, a horizontal pair, a Cancel To Order, and so on... although I'm playing with the idea of making these tags instead of linked siblings.   In fact, as you can see in the image I have already got a cross-over where both tags as well as sibling thoughts are the same thing...

And finally I have some tags such as "requires further investigations" for items I come across that I want to follow up on later for some reason, or "spare" (for obvious reasons) etc.  This will allow me to quickly find these items later in my growing catalog.

And of course, inserting the image of the stamp within the brain ensures not only that this stamp's picture is permanently cataloged and recorded, but that I can preview it instantly by mousing over the icon on each stamp's thought...


Already I've discovered sets that I had no idea I had without using this software, despite using other purpose-built cataloging software in the past.

The only thing that is letting me down is a way to compile value information.  For example if I have let's say 300 stamps from let's say England, and some are a penny, some are 1.25 pennies, others are a pound, and so on... how can I have an automatically-updating way of compiling the total value of these stamps.  I can do it manually of course, but it would be nice if when I add a new item card/thought that the value of that item card/thought automatically gets compiled into some sort of running total.




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I'm sure your pun was intended !

Happy New Year. I very recently made a brain with my small art collection, which I put online hoping for comments :


As usual with TheBrain, I have problems with (== I DON'T LIKE USING) though types and tags, so I create two different subtrees for the data and metadata, which I then link according to function.

I don't find thought types satisfying mainly because I like the idea of clicking on a thought/object, and having its children displayed.

Let me know

Drybreeze, thanks for the images, pictures are worth a thousand words, and I enjoy seeing the way different people use the software. It often sparks new ideas that I can incorporate into my Brain. [smile]
It looks like a well thought out and useful database. I think you will get more value out of using tags for generic types, especially from a reporting/grouping standpoint, but ultimately it's whatever makes the most sense for your workflow and requirements. Like you, I use Thought icons a lot in my database. It makes a big difference for me to be able to have a visible indicator of what the thought represents and brings the database to life. It works so well for stamps, as you can enjoy the collection even as you maintain and update it.

I agree, there are quite a few circumstances where compiling values would be useful. I hope this is implemented at some point in the future. 

Enkidu, I really like your use of materials as child thoughts. When I first saw them I thought "wait, those are groupings, why aren't they parents thoughts?" But then I followed the logic through and realized that they are what the art is created from, and it makes sense both a logical standpoint and makes a nice alternate perspective for creating visual groups.

Thanks to both of you for sharing.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
A fascinating collection, and a very different style of braining it to me... interesting to see how other people construct a plex.  Thanks!  I love yer collection too, just a little bit jealous.

Yeah I'm always a big fan of pictures.
I would have linked my entire collection web brain online (which I've now done here) but there's no pics yet until I re-subscribe to online services, so it's a big dull to look at at this point.  I intend to subscribe again to online services and upload pictures once I've catalogued everything already in albums and have moved on to what I've got in boxes... probably in a 3 - 8 months at my current rate of cataloging the collection.

I have altered it already since reading this forums based on ideas I've seen from other people.  I've decided to make it a bit more like ink on paper in colours for ease on the eyes, and I've also included all tags now as you suggest zenrain.  You may notice that tags have #001 through #005 in front of them... this is to put them into an order both in the Tags window, as well as at the end of a stamp thought card... controlling the order they display in.  I come from a Lean Manufacturing background where everything is visual for quick reference and speedy identification of status.... anal as hell.  [wink]

Since my last post I also learned about docking tabs (tag tab on the left now) as well as Brain Buttons to link between different brains within the top bar.  Thanks Brain Forums!

I've also tried using the calendar-only idea that I read by another forum user for journalling, but I prefer to cross-link to things written about in the journal (companies interacted with for example), and the calendar doesn't seem to support that...?

Everything is temporary.

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